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Spiritual Exercises
Spirituality Project
Free Our Hearts

This program is designed to offer participants a 9-month retreat in daily life based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. The schedule and length of the program offer a 36-week experience in Scripture structured especially for those who desire to experience more deeply the presence and action of Jesus in their daily lives. There are many gifts in this way of experiencing the spiritual exercises; it strengthens the habit of prayer, teaches discernment, and helps to integrate prayer, work, and interior freedom in our everyday lives.

We an offer online version of the 9-month Spiritual Exercise Program. Please email Paula at to find out more.
Graces Of The Exercises

Participants will be invited to:

Experience God's presence in creation, their individual life stories and present life situations.

Be more able to discern their own deep desires, God's call and presence in their lives, and in the world.

Hear Jesus' invitation to join him in his work in our world by becoming Contemplatives in Action, experiencing and understanding the Ignatian principle of Finding God in All Things.

Our Directors

The Spiritual Directors are those who have experienced the Spiritual Exercises and are trained to accompany others in their journey. They know that God is the real director. They assist those they companion to pay attention to their own deep desires and listen to God's desire for them. The director helps the retreatant to be attentive to the prayer that is given, discover how best to pray, and recognize God's leading and guidance.

What Others Are Saying

"I am grateful that I was able to participate in the Ignatian "Free Our Hearts" program. It was helpful, humbling, and healing for me, because we could share deeply in an accepting, honest and nurturing community."

The Free Our Hearts experience has been a wonderful gift in my life. Being guided by the Ignatian exercises, I have fallen more deeply in love with Christ and His mission to our world. The nine month journey with fellow travelers was one I shall always treasure!
- Judy

At times it felt like we were The Twelve Disciples traveling together with Jesus and learning at His feet as we journeyed through the Gospel-based Spiritual Exercises together.
- Julie

I came into the program unfamiliar with Ignatius and not having much experience in the comtemplative tradition. I was drawn, though, hoping for a deepening somehow in my relationship with Him. The exercises led me to a very direct experience of the love of God for me personally; an increased intimacy with the Saviour and blessed acceptance. I am most truly myself with Him in silence. It did surprise me to begin to realize that God personally, truly adores me; that I am His Beloved ALL the time. It is the most freeing knowledge I have ever possessed. Thanks be to God for these spiritual exercises of St Ignatius which have led me on such a rich and amazing journey "deeper in".
- Maggie

I appreciated the opportunity to participate in the Free our Hearts program. I was at a place where I really wanted to go deeper in my relationship with Jesus Christ and to learn how to better listen and respond to God's voice. The Spiritual Exercises gave me the tools to do that and I am very grateful.
- Carol

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